Thanks sooo much for Maxwell's papers. He is doing wonderful. He got snipped last week but he has fully recovered. Once again, thank you for entrusting me with one of your puppies! Maxwell is the light of my life and my best friend! I hope that your family is doing well and that the holiday season was kind to you. Here are some pics of the cutie!
Erin Poole

I just wanted to let you know that Kinnick is doing well. She is pretty much crate trained, sleeping through the night, and while we are still working on potty training she learns something everyday. She is loving our other dogs (even when they do not love her back all the time!) and is fitting right into our home. She has been to the vet twice now and they love her there as well. She got her booster shots yesterday and was up to 3.7 lbs!!!! Still a little bit of a thing but she gained like .8lbs in a week!

I hope you enjoy the pictures I sent....we will send more I'm sure!

Robin Bosten

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Puppies in their new homes!!
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Thought we would send you a new picture of Ms. Dusty.   She is doing fabulous and we can’t tell you how much we love her.  She has the greatest personality ever and has been so easy to train.   Hope all is well with the new litter.   

Dave & Rita


Here's some photos of Hannah's first day home She slept the whole way home. I took her to PetCo, then we played in the grass for a while,
then we played with her new squeeky raccoon for a while... then she passed out again! She is wonderful and we love her! Thanks so much!

Mojo is doing so great! he is so well behaved and so smart. he loves to play and we love him so much. i will deffinatly be talking to you agian about getting another one! another red merle if you got one lol. i have pictures of him on my lap top that i can send you. he is so handsome, people stop wherever we go to look at him, nobody can believe how cute he is. alex cried when she saw him! i cant thank you enough for helping me out. ill send you some pictures of him real soon!

hope to hear back 

just wanted to send some pics of dayva.  she is beautiful and very smart (and as you'll see a bit of a "ham" around the camera).  thanks for the pup - our family is now complete.  
so many people ask about her breeder and we've given your name to several families.  hope they end up adopting and are as happy as we are.
mary and rob grady

Hello - hope all is well for you!  I check your site every once in awhile to see the "new puppies".  I have attached a current photo of "Cinch".  I have to tell you that he is the most amazing pet for my daughter Jody.  She is disabled and walks with a slight limp - but Cinch goes out with her every day for their 1 mile walk and he is so good for her.  He is very calm and watches out for her.  Can't thank you enough for doing such a great job of raising such smart and loyal dogs!
Have a great day!

Heres some pictures of Dolly. She loves playing with the big dog and she loves getting in the ditch to swim. Shes a little rocket ,she can run so fast. I just love her, she so much fun and smart,shes so easy to train. Thanyou so much I couldnt have asked for a better partner.  

Thought you would like to know how much Leo has taken to Zoe (we think that will be her name). She is a doll, we love her!

-Troy and Camille

I just wanted to give you an update on Button. She is doing GREAT! We’ve already taught her to sit and she’s doing great on the potty training. There has only been one night where she cried and lot and wouldn’t sleep. We’ve learned we need to play hard before bed and she’ll generally wake up at 1 am and then again at 4 or so. She’s great…we take her out, she potties and then right back to bed! 

We’ve also taught her to chase a frisbee that we roll along the ground. The kitties are not very happy and she really want to play with them, but they are having none of it so far. My little black kitty has been caught steeling puppy treats a time or two…

Anyway…here are some pics. Thank you so much we love our girl!

Glenda M. Warren

Sashoo is a sweetheart!He is playful in a thoughful and not to boisterous way hehe. We just went on our big 30 minute exercise walk and he did very well!He is already showing great foundations for obedience! He is quickly learning things like "sit", "leash"(sit for hook-up), "stroller"(walk with stroller),"off", etc. He is also learning to accept basic grooming procedures. He wants to run when I run(while healing) so I am already thinking about trying to get us into agility(after basic and possibly advanced obedience(around 6 months old) He comes with us when we walk back-and-forth  to school. The children love him and he loves most of them(just have to let some know to approach him slowly hehe)He has booster shots scheduled  this Friday and I am getting him registered with our city and he soon will be microchipped. He is potty training well; he lets us know when he has to go. His favorite toy is a little squeeky basketball and a sheet that he scratched into a bed [FUNNY) hehe. Overall he has the making of a great dog and I am very confident I could be successful in training him.

I will be getting back in in the near future with pictures :o) 


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